Winner of Best Marine Installation & Best Innovative Solution

Dawson’s have many reasons to celebrate this summer. Last Friday The Pavilion at The Tower of London hosted the prestigious annual Cedia Awards where Bob Crowson -Technical Adviser and Designer took away two awards that Dawson’s are very proud to achieve. The first of the awards was the coveted Best... read more

BeoLab 14 Unveiled at Bang & Olufsen of Bournemouth

 The stunning surround sound speaker package was unveiled last week at our Bournemouth showroom. Our VIP guest’s were entertained by the highly acclaimed Les Miserables film soundtrack before the loudspeakers were revealed. The secrecy and embargo was lifted to the nation at the same... read more

B&O Play V1 television by Bang & Olufsen has just won Red Dot Award

Against more than 4000 competing products and projects from 54 countries, Beoplay V1 took home the winning prize with the coveted red dot award for product design 2013. In his congratulatory message, Dr Peter Zec from Design Zentrum Nordhein Westfalen... read more

Bang & Olufsen has collaborated with VERTU

                                      Bang & Olufsen has collaborated with VERTU, the pioneer of luxury mobile phones on their latest product, VERTU Ti. Bang &... read more

Expert tips for outstanding acoustics at home

  Sound and Tone expert at luxury speaker brand Bang &Olufsen Geoff Martin, shares his expert tips on achieving acoustic perfection in your home • Save half your stereo budget for the loudspeakers. Although the most expensive aren’t necessarily the... read more

BeoVision 11 – Bang & Olufsen’s first ever Smart TV

  Bang & Olufsen of Bournemouth unveiled the new BeoVision 11 to a select few at our showroom in Westbourne last night. Allen Widdup -the store manager introduced the new television with a very impressive sound demonstration, followed by revealing the... read more

B&O PLAY delivers the world’s first music system that is compatible with the new iPhone 5.

Bang & Olufsen have released some exciting new about their highly regarded A8 music system. It seems it can only get better! Have a read of thier latest press release to hear what they say; We are very excited about Apple’s... read more

The first Starglas Rear Projection Cinema Arrives At Dawsons Soon

                                    Dawsons is preparing for the a truly exclusive delivery this week. The rear projection based screen and projector will be the first... read more

HDMI Cable -The debate continues

A review on Channel 4’s ‘The Gadget Show’ claimed that expensive cables are a waste of money and that a £6  cable will give you the same viewing experience. However, what their test did not show was that simple things... read more

Dawsons Clean Up at 2012 Cedia Awards

2012 brings Dawsons a lot to be proud of. The celebration of 85 years of service has coincided with the most recent CEDIA awards, held on the 20th April 2012 at Hampton Court Palace, where they were yet again recognised... read more