Star Glas Cinema


As often happens one Saturday Kevin our MD received a call, the client was interested in Kaleidescape. How could we begin to know what this minor enquiry would transpire too? We may have had some inkling when the client told... read more

Meridian Cinema


We produced a full design based around mounting the largest screen possible within the space provided. The client trusted us to provide his brief, and had not imposed any product restrictions. We concluded that the most suitable system would be... read more

Country Home Cinema


The client wanted to use the products from our demonstration facilities as he had been impressed with the experience he received when visiting our showroom. We fitted our 130″ Stewart Cinicurve Screen with horizontal masking into the room and mounted... read more

Loft Space Cinema


The original brief was fairly straight forward to provide a custom home cinema to fit in the parameters of the loft space. After consultation with the builder managing the house refurbishment we had access to the loft space and measured... read more